The NFL has fined Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians $50,000 for striking Bucs safety Andrew Adams on the helmet during the team’s 31-15 playoff win over the Philadelphia Eagles.  Arians said during his news conference on Wednesday: “I’ll appeal it. It ain’t got nothing to do with the game, so we’re good.”

The incident happened during the second half of Sunday’s game, right after Tampa Bay recovered a fumble by Eagles punt returner Jalen Reagor near the Bucs’ sideline in the third quarter. Following the play, Arians stepped into the field and struck Adams on the helmet with an open left hand. Arians said on Monday he did not regret it, and that the physical contact was to avoid his team getting a penalty: “No, I’ve seen enough dumb (things). You can’t pull guys out of a pile. We just got a big play, great field position, and he’s trying to pull a guy out of a pile. And I was trying to knock him off that guy so he didn’t get a penalty.”  However, video shows that Adams had already disengaged from the pile; it appeared to be more about admonishment than penalty prevention.

Tampa Bay will face the Los Angeles Rams in this Sunday’s NFC Divisional Round Game.

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